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7 in 1 USB Test Instrument.

The Circuitgear CGR-101 from Audon Electronics is a PC-based instrument
that provides the features of seven devices in one USB-powered compact

The device offers the performance of a two-channel 10-bit 20MSa/sec
2MHz oscilloscope, a two-channel spectrum-analyser, and a 3MHz 8-bit
arbitrary-waveform/standard-function generator with eight digital I/O
lines. It also functions as a network analyser, a noise generator and a
PWM output source. Its open-source software runs with Windows, Linux and
Mac OS.

The CGR-101's oscilloscope capability provides a two-channel 10-bit
-+/-0.25Vp-p to +/-25Vp-p 2MHz basic scope, but with sophisticated
marker measurements, triggering (normal, auto, single-shot and
pre-trigger) with time-base adjustable from 50ns/division to
100ms/division. With a 1k sample/channel data buffer, the user can even
view pre-trigger signals.

The CGR-101's two-channel FFT spectrum analyser feature offers marker
measurements, and when used with the internal signal generator, displays
Bode plots and performs vector network analysis, showing gain and phase

The CGR-101's signal generator is an 8-bit 0.1Hz to 3MHz signal source,
offering sine/square/triangle/ramp waveforms, as well as being capable
of outputting arbitrary or preloaded waveforms such as ECGs. The user
can enable the generator, connect its signal to a circuit and perform
measurements with the oscilloscope and/or spectrum analyser. The
generator can also be set to function as a white noise source. A
slider-controlled PWM generator is also provided, with mark-space ratio
clearly displayed.

The included visual interface software enables simple control and
display of information. The oscilloscope, generator, and digital I/O are
operated from a custom open-source Tcl/Tk software GUI included with the
hardware. As the software is open source, the code can be read and even
added to or customised.The CGR-101 is also Labview compatible and can be
controlled by any serial-port-driving software, such as Matlab or Visual

March 2009

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