Audon Electronics - PRODUCT NEWS


Handheld Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers with LCD display.

The D-Series available from Audon Electronics are a range of portable,
battery operated stand-alone temperature, humidity and thermocouple data

There are 3 models in the range; The D3120 has an internal
temperature and humidity sensor with a -10°C to +60°C temperature range
and a 5 to 95% relative Humidity range, the D3121 uses an external
temperature and humidity sensor on a 1m lead with an -30°C to +105°C
temperature range whilst the D0321 accepts up to 2 external type K, J,
or S thermocouples.

Temperature and humidity readings can be displayed on the LCD screen and
recorded in internal memory. An audible alarm can also be set to warn of
alarm conditions.

Record rates can be set from once every 10 seconds to once every 24
hours, and up to 16000 recordings can be stored. Data can then be
downloaded to a PC for display and analysis at a later date using the
included software.

June 2009

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