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Low-cost, easy-to-use Data Acquisition System

The DLP-IO20 Data-Acquisition Module from Audon Electronics is a low-cost, easy-to-use data-acquisition system for analyzing AC voltages, driving 5-volt relays, controlling and monitoring processes and measuring DC voltages in the range of 0-5 volts. This module provides topside wire terminal blocks for the wiring connections.

The 20 channels on the DLP-IO20 are broken down as follows: 3 outputs with high current relay/LED drivers and 17 digital I/O; 14 of which can be set to analog input mode. The DLP-IO20 also provides two latching relay contacts. Each of the channels and relay contacts can be controlled via simple, multi-byte commands. All operational power is taken from the host PC via the USB port.

The mode of each I/O is automatically changed with each command sent. For example, if an I/O is set to Digital Output-High and then the Digital Input Mode is selected, the I/O is first changed to Input Mode and then the high/low state is read and returned to the host.


May 2010

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