Audon Electronics - PRODUCT NEWS

Low Cost Temperature, Humidity & Barometric Pressure Sensors

Available from Audon Electronics are a range of low cost temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors with an RS485 output. These units can communicate via a simple ASCII "Adam 4000 series" compatible protocol or the industry standard MODBUS RTU protocol for use with common SCADA software.

Measured temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure are converted to serial output with a RS485 interface. Transmitters are available in wall-mount, duct-mount and bar types. Also, types with T+RH probe on a cable are available.

They featuring a large dual line LCD for local display of temperature, humidity, pressure or other calculated value and the microprocessor design ensures maximum long term stability and fail indication.

The transmitter works with ModBus RTU communication protocol or with ADAM compatible ASCII protocol. The protocol is user selectable in special configuration mode by means of the PC.

May 2010

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