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Compass inclinometer.

In addition to providing NMEA magnetic heading data, these rugged modules from Fluxgate world also provide both pitch and roll angle up to ±45º from horizontal with a resolution of 0.1º.

Expected to have several areas of application in marine control systems, a prototype self-levelling, radar mounting platform has already been designed around the pitch-angle sensing function.

The sensors use a floating-core fluxgate magnetometer and incorporate the company’s patented 3rd axis sensing. The compact, low-cost sensors components are supplied separately for manufactures or mounted on a printed circuit board with all control electronics for systems integrators to incorporate into their own systems. They are available with various output options – including alarm limit set points. They can also be supplied with various rates of viscous damping where vibration and shock loadings may be expected to affect readings.

Fluxgate World’s compass inclinometer integrates pitch and roll sensing up to ±45º from horizontal and also magnetic heading.

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September 2007

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