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For the first time, Fluxgate World introduced complete, ready-to-use, PC-based instruments in addition to its established range of sensors for OEM integration, at MTEC in Birmingham this February (2008).

A high sensitivity magnetometer with a 100pT resolution offers unrivalled price performance and a precision inclinometer achieves 0.2 arcsec (50µ°) resolution over a ± 5° range.

Both result from Fluxgate World’s innovative programme of development and application of the core fluxgate technology for which the company is becoming increasingly well known.

The A6320 precision, three-channel magnetometer accepts different fluxgate sensing heads and each channel can operate in direct or differential mode. Currently available heads include a single fluxgate for direct measurement of magnetic field strength and a twin, 2m-separation head for differential measurement. Custom software is provided for the display of readings on a standard PC or laptop.

Direct mode operation allows field measurement for a broad range of scientific and engineering applications such as checking for flux leakage, stray flux and residual fields. The differential mode allows background fields to be cancelled out and the gain increased to detect very small anomalies in the field. This is of particular use in geophysical surveying and as a method of detecting the presence of objects that disrupt the background magnetic field.

Sensor heads are available to measure fields up to 16mT.

The A6410 precision 2-channel inclinometer uses patented sensor heads – either single axis or twin-orthogonal axis versions. These can be left in situ with the instrument connected only when readings are needed, allowing a single instrument to be used with several sensor heads. Custom software is provided for the display of readings on a standard PC or laptop.

The 0.2 arcsec resolution over the ±5° range of the instrument makes it ideal for a broad range of applications which include structural geology, building structural integrity monitoring, tunnel and borehole guidance, military surveillance, precision platform levelling and security monitoring.

A third new product announced by Fluxgate World at MTEC – the building airflow measurement – is a development of the wind speed and direction unit already marketed for the marine and environmental monitoring markets. The unit senses the force on a ball mounted on a spring stalk and by using a larger size ball than in the marine version, the small air currents in buildings can be measured and monitored for heating and ventilation control and design.

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February 2008

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