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Autonnic expands it range of fluxgate Compasses

Autonnic, world leaders in fluxgate technology, has expanded its range of added-value modules. These new compass modules are based on Autonnic's sensor components and complement the existing range.

Autonnic makes modules by adding analogue and digital systems to its range of magnetometer sensors. These sensors (mainly used for compass, pitch/roll and shaft angel) need signal conditioning and possibly a digital interface. The current range typified by the A4020 compass integrates all parts in an inseparable way.

Now, just launched at METS, are the A4041, A4047 and A407X analogue electronic compass modules. Each can be augmented with a microprocessor board to provide a NMEA-0183 digital interface at the same time as the analogue SIN and COS outputs. In this form they become the A4061 and A408X digital compass modules.

From its experience with the A4020 compass Autonnic has identified the opportunity for an OEM to start with the combined analogue and digital units, then - as volumes increase - to migrate the software into their own product and use just the analogue version. Finally when volumes are high the OEM can justify the investment in their own fully tooled circuits and purchase just the fluxgate alone from Autonnic.

At the opposite end of the integration spectrum, the A5020 compass is complete stand-alone IP67 compass with NMEA and AD10 outputs.

About Autonnic
Autonnic Research Ltd is a world market leader in the design and manufacture of fluxgates for navigation systems to the marine and robotic markets. This reputation has been built on its continuous worldwide supply of fluxgate sensors and its unrivalled understanding of the technology, a highly experienced workforce and a commitment to quality, reliability and engineering support for marine autopilot and robotic guidance systems.
Autonnic create modules based on its magnetometer components by adding software and hardware to produce compass modules, wind speed and direction units, inclinometers and 2 axis sensors for archeology and sonar buoys. Autonnic has developed these new application modules under the name of Fluxgate World. Fluxgate World modules build on the in-house expertise of the basic fluxgate components by adding electronics, software, design integration and industrial design and has resulted in a range of products available for incorporation into a wide variety of sensing and measurement applications.
Autonnic continues to patent fluxgate devices and variants to lead to new, reliable and robust sensor and measurement components and modules.

For sales and technical information contact:-

Autonnic Research Ltd
Woodrolfe Road, Tollesbury, Essex CM9 8SE UK
tel +44-162-186 9460

December 2009

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