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Autonnic launches new through surface controls, Versabuds.

Versabuds are a range of controls developed by Autonnic Research that operate through surfaces using patented specialist fluxgate technology. No holes are required as a 'Bud' is simply bonded to a surface and a detector placed on the reverse side of the panel.

Capable of working through substrates up to 12mm, Versabuds have been designed to replicate the action of a potentiometer or rotary switch. Further versions will be also be available in place of conventional rocker switches, push button devices, sliding controls or joysticks.

Any standard knob can be attached to a rotary Bud, making it easy to adapt to a customers' own style. Versabuds enable great flexibility in layout and location of controls. Any number of buds can be located in one area, without magnetic interference, spaced as close as 42mm apart.

Versabuds utilise a highly developed form of fluxgate derived technology, enabling remote actuation of electronic devices without the need for direct electrical connection. The obvious benefit of this technology is the absence of powered electrical circuits at the user interface and the elimination of through panel holes.

In a marine environment, the prevention of corrosion of electrical components is a prime advantage as leakage points are eliminated. Structural integrity is also maintained, as there is no weakness caused by holes from conventional switches.

About Autonnic
Autonnic Research Ltd is a world market leader in the design and manufacture of fluxgates for navigation systems to the marine and robotic markets. This reputation has been built on its continuous worldwide supply of fluxgate sensors and its unrivalled understanding of the technology, a highly experienced workforce and a commitment to quality, reliability and engineering support for marine autopilot and robotic guidance systems.
Autonnic create modules based on its magnetometer components by adding software and hardware to produce compass modules, wind speed and direction units, inclinometers and 2 axis sensors for archeology and sonar buoys. Autonnic has developed these new application modules under the name of Fluxgate World. Fluxgate World modules build on the in-house expertise of the basic fluxgate components by adding electronics, software, design integration and industrial design and has resulted in a range of products available for incorporation into a wide variety of sensing and measurement applications.
Autonnic continues to patent fluxgate devices and variants to lead to new, reliable and robust sensor and measurement components and modules.

For sales and technical information contact:-

Autonnic Research Ltd
Woodrolfe Road, Tollesbury, Essex CM9 8SE UK
tel +44-162-186 9460

November 2010

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