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 Smart ISOTRON Sensors

Endevco's range of SMART ISOTRON sensors is continuing to roll out with new transducers being added all the time. All the accelerometers in the SMART ISOTRON range feature an integral transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) that fully conforms to the IEEE 1451.4 proposed standard. This makes setting up of complex multiple sensor systems a real picnic. The latest SMART ISOTRON sensors include: Model 2222C: This miniature lightweight (0.5 grain) piezoelectric accelerometer is fitted with a model 2782 converter that provides the accelerometer with a local charge converter powered by a constant current source, just like an ISOTRON accelerometer, but with integral TEDS. Any existing 2222C can be retrofitted with the 2782, recalibrated and programmed in the factory. The 2782 can be used with any piezoelectric accelerometer and converts it to a SMART accelerometer Model 61C: This is a lightweight (6.5 grams) modal ISOTRON accelerometer based on the popular model 61B but with integral TEDS. It has the benefit of being hermetically sealed against environmental contamination and is ground isolated. The 61C can be easily mounted to the test structure using Endevco's E-Z mount. Model 63C: These triaxial modal accelerometers are available in two versions: l00mV/g (model 63C12) and l000mV/g (model 63C13). Both feature hermetic sealing and ground isolation. Model 752M1: This l5OmV/g accelerometer, hermetically sealed and ground isolated, weighs only 10 grams and features a flat frequency response to 5kHz. Model 7752M3: This l000mV/g accelerometer features resolution of 0.05g. Hermetically sealed and ground isolated, it is based on a modal accelerometer designed specifically for Boeing and is an ideal choice for low level measurements. Model 2782M1: This is an in-line TEDS module that can be applied to any Isotron accelerometer. Only 6.6mm diameter x 32mm long it is hermetically sealed and ground isolated. Endevco's SMART MODAL measurement system was developed based on the proposed IEEE 1451.4 Standard for Smart Transducer Interface for Mixed-Mode Sensors and Actuators and the system transforms the tedious task of setting up a physical network of sensors into a simple plug-and-play operation. Endevco is a leading designer and manufacturer of dynamic instrumentation for pressure, vibration and shock measurement, solving dynamic measurement problems in aerospace, automotive, petroleum, power, nuclear, chemical marine and similar industries. ____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Sharon Stuart Endevco - Bruel & Kjaer Tel: +44(0) 1438 739000 Email: info@bkgb.co.uk Website: www.bk.dk November 2000