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 New SubMiniature High Performance
 Position Transducers

Sound and vibration specialist, Bruel & Kjaer has announced
the availability of new subminiature high performance position
transducers from SpaceAge Controls, Inc.

Offering extended life, high reliability position measurement in a compact
size, the 170 and 176 series position transducers are ideal for a wide
range of applications including vehicle testing, industrial control feedback,
aircraft flight control, monitoring and medical equipment measurement.

Developed as a space-saving alternative to rod-and-cylinder products
such as LVDTs and linear potentiometers, these flexible and easy to
install products comprise a stainless steel cable wound round a
spring-powered precision machined drum. The bearing-mounted drum
is mated to a precision potentiometric element that translates the linear
position information into an electrical signal. This transducer technology
delivers high precision, easy installation and fast set-up.

The transducers may be quickly mounted using either the screws
provided, an optional rotatable mounting base or custom made
installation plates.

Series 170 position transducers measure up to 51mm of travel with
external dimensions of only 24.4mm diameter by 11.4mm wide.
The 176 series devices measure up to 165mm of travel with
dimensions of only 63.3mm diameter by 13.2mm wide.

The transducers weigh less than 113 grams and are available
with right- or left-hand cable pull. Custom configurations and
signal conditioning are available for customers requiring
special characteristics.

Specifications include 5k0hm, co-moulded, conductive plastic
potentiometer elements, -65 to +125°C operating temperature
range, ±0.5% linearity, 0.75W power rating and 50 million cycle
operational life. Cable tension is user specified and factory set.

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