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Bruel & Kjaer's Pulse Multi-Analyser goes portable.

Sound and vibration measurement specialist, Brüel & Kjaer
has launched a portable version of its PULSETM multi-purpose

Ideal for use in any field application, the Portable PULSE offers users
new found freedom in the measurement, analysis, verification and
reporting of sound intensity, noise source identification and sound
quality among others. As B&K's chosen measurement platform,
PULSE's large range of applications and accessories is still growing,
making any PULSE system a secure investment.

Weighing a mere 6kg, the battery-powered and weather-resistant
Portable PULSE comes equipped with three powerful analysers as
part of the standard software. FFT, 1/n-octave and overall level analysers
can all be run real-time, in parallel on multiple channels (multi-analysis).
This feature is unique to PULSE and reduces measurement time
while also improving the quality of data collected.

The Portable PULSE front-end supports transducer electronic data
sheet (TEDS) according to IEEE P1451.4, allowing the system to
automatically detect and identify connected TEDS-compatible transducers.
This removes the need to set up individual channel sensitivities or
enter transducer types - it's all done automatically - allowing users to
simply plug-and-play.

The Portable PULSE front-end is separate from the PC so it can be
placed close to the test object while the user can stay at a comfortable
distance and control the measurement remotely via a PC LAN connection
when measuring in inhospitable environments. The connection can be
a LAN cable, wireless LAN or office LAN.

Basic specifications include four input channels and two generator
output channels (2-6 channel configurations to follow), DC to 25.6kHz
frequency range on input channels, gap free recording of time data
to PC disk (TTD) optional and AC, DC or CCLD input conditioning.

With Portable PULSE, the connected PC does all the analysing,
doing away with the need for a dedicated analyser. Analysis Engine
software in Portable PULSE takes full advantage of the processing
power of today's PC processors using it for real-time signal processing.

Portable PULSE is based on the reliable and familiar Windows NT
environment providing tight integration with Microsoft Office applications.
Additional features include multiple 2D and 3D displays, drag-and-drop
reporting in Word and dynamic linking to Excel. Control programs for
system integration can be written in a variety of industry standard
languages including Visual Basic, C++ and Delphi working with
Portable PULSE's extensive ActiveX interface.

PULSE applications currently available include sound intensity, noise
source identification, sound quality, PULSE bridge to MATLAB,
PULSE bridge to ME'scope, Vold-Kalman order tracking filter,
Modal Test ConsultantTM and Time Capture.

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December 2000