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Wide range of SONY Digital Data Recorders
from Bruel & Kjaer.

Sony's wide range of digital data recorders for use in both
portable field and laboratory applications is now available
from noise and vibration measurement specialist Bruel & Kjaer.

Two data recorders are available, the PC200Ax series portable DAT
instrumentation recorders and the SIR-l000 series of high-speed digital
data recorders.

Sony's PC200Ax series portable DAT. instrumentation recorders are
specially developed for use both in the field and as laboratory instruments.
Compact and lightweight, the PC200Ax series delivers the very highest
levels of performance with bandwidth scalable according to requirements
from DC to 20kHz in each of four channels up to 2.5kHz in 64 channels
in double speed mode. Additional features include longer recording
time of up to six hours and a wide range of interfacing options to connect
with computer platforms for sophisticated data analysis.

A comprehensive selection of accessories is available to meet the needs
of a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.

Completing the line up of Sony digital data recorders is the SIR-l000
series high speed units that use advanced intelligent tape (AlT)
technology, a new standard for high speed, large capacity data
streamers based on an 8mm video cassette sized data cartridge.

Designed for a wide range of measurement applications, the
SIR-1000 series features the SIR-l000i model that enables direct
connection to integrated electronics piezoelectric sensors and the
SIR-1000W unit with the capability of recording wide band signals.

All SIR-1000 series recorders offer the unique ability of simultaneously
recording measurement data and a video signal.

Capable of recording DC to 20kHz for 16 or 32 channels, the
SIR-1000 and SIR-l000i recorders can be expanded up to 128
channels while the SIR-1000W unit of fer,s four channels up to
160kHz, eight channels up to 80kHz or 16 channels up to 40kHz.

All SIR-1000 recorders are equipped with independent AD/DA
converters with l6bit linear quantisation and 64 time oversampling
digital filters per channel. Together with SCSI-2 high-speed data
transfer, these features make the recorders ideal as a high
performance front end.

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