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Noise & Vibration Training Courses. Noise and vibration specialist, Bruel & Kjaer has announced that the company is running an extensive programme of training courses during 2001. Offering a mix of acoustics and vibration training -both hands-on and theoretical - the courses are ideal for people who are new to the subjects and for those in need of refresher training. Basic Acoustics is a two-day course designed to provide a thorough grounding for those new to the fields of sound, noise and acoustic measurements. All participants completing the course will be able to perform a range of measurements and correctly set up measuring instruments or assess noise reports. Bruel & Kjaer's user training courses are available for the company's most popular sound level meters - the 2260B "Investigator" and 2238 "Mediator" - and associated software. Intended for first-time users of the equipment or those in need of a refresher, these courses explain the basic functions, set-up and use of the sound level meters with participants working through set-up and measurement exercises. Limited to eight participants per course, the training is completely interactive with personal supervision and application of the methods to real cases is discussed. Building acoustics is a one-day course covering theory and measuring techniques using the Type 2260 analyser with sound source to measure reverberation time and sound insulation. The course also reviews new developments in the field particularly with respect to standards and legislation. Using PULSE - Basic and Advanced - training courses provide intensive, hands-on training sessions that allow participants to take maximum advantage of Brüel and Kjaer's PULSE multi-analyser system, Type 3560, and design PULSE solutions to meet their own multichannel sound and vibration measurement needs. Shock and Vibration is covered in detail in an application-oriented seminar over three days. Structured to give engineers and senior technicians a review of the basics, the course also provides an opportunity for participants to broaden their working knowledge in all aspects of accelerometer selection, installation, cabling and calibration. This course includes a copy of Endevco's textbook, Shock and Vibration Measurement Technology and concludes with a special presentation by an external expert on a specific application. A two-day course covers the measurement of Dynamic Pressure in applications ranging froii~ underwater and underground blast effects to aero-dynamics turbulence. Giving engineers and senior technicians the in-depth knowledge needed for the correct selection and installation of transducers in such challenging environments, this course includes a copy of Endevco's textbook, Dynamic Pressure Measurement. Noise Tour 2001 Besides running training courses at its Stevenage headquarters, Brüel & Kjaer will also be taking its acclaimed NoiseTour on the road again this year. visiting 15 venues in the UK and Ireland from May to December, the NoiseTour 2001 course content includes fundamentals of noise instrumentation, frequency analysis, measurement and assessment techniques and new developments. Training Courses Calendar A calendar detailing all of Brüel & Kjaer's training courses in 2001 is now available free-of-charge from the company on +44(0)1438 739000 or email With over 55 years experience, Brüel & Kjaer is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of sound and vibration products for use in a wide range of applications including environmental noise measurements, building acoustics, vibration measurements and quality control for use in the automotive, aerospace and consumer industries as well as by local authorities. _____________________________________________ More information from: Lene Gerstrom Bruel & Kjaer, Bedford House, Rutherford Close, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2ND. UK Tel: +44(0) 1438 739000, Fax: +44(0) 1438 739099 E-mail: Web site: May 2001
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