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New range of Impact Hammers.

Sound and vibration specialist, Bruel & Kjaer has launched
a new line of impact hammers with integral DeltaTron/ISOTRON®
line drive for excitation of everything from small disk drives to
large civil engineering structures.

Experimental modal analysis has evolved over the last two decades
as one of the most popular tools for sound and vibration analysis.
The reason behind this development has much to do with the advent
of the PC, the availability of inexpensive modal parameter extraction
software packages and the instrumented impact hammer. In less
critical applications, the impact hammer has made simple modal
'testing possible with tremendous savings in costs and test times.

For scaled modal models requiring a precise force measurement,
test engineers can choose either electrodynamic or servohydraulic
exciters controlled by a signal generator via a power amplifier or a
hammer fitted with a high quality piezoelectric (PE) force transducer.

In applications where a high crest factor and a limited ability to shape
the input force spectrum is of no concern, impact hammer testing is
an ideal source of excitation. Impact hammer testing is quick and
doesn't require elaborate modal exciter fixtures and cumbersome
stinger attachments. Portable and highly suitable for field work,
impact hammers are relatively inexpensive and provide no
undesirable mass loading of the structure under test.

Whatever structure needs testing, from large civil engineering works
to small disk drives, the Endevco range of impact hammers brings
proven technology to bear for optimum measurement quality, durability
and reliability.

DeltaTron/ISOTRON outputs are provided on all hammers except for
miniature force transducer/impact hammer Type 8203. Practical and
fitted with ergonomic rubber grips, all Endevco impact hammers
feature a high quality PE force transducer with acceleration
compensation. A variety of tips and extender masses is also available
for easier shaping of the input force spectrum.

Impact hammer measurements are often conducted in harsh
environments where dust, temperature fluctuations and high humidity
frequently pose severe demands on the electrical and mechanical
integrity of the instrumentation. All Endevco impact hammers have
been meticulously designed to meet the demanding expectations
for reliability in all such environments.

For more information, please contact :-

Bruel & Kjaer, Bedford House, Rutherford, Close,
Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2ND. UK
Tel: +44(0) 1438 739000, Fax: +44(0) 1438 739099
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July 2001
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