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Sound Intensity calibration simplified by new Calibrator. Sound and vibration specialist, Brüel & Kjaer UK has launched a new calibrator that enables accurate on-site calibration of sound intensity measuring instruments without having to dismantle the sound intensity probe. The new calibrator Type 4297 is designed to eliminate the need for dismantling the sound intensity probe and is optimised for use with B&K's 2260E InvestigatorTM sound intensity system for phase enhancement. As there is no longer any need to dismantle the probe, the risk of misplacing the spacer is now eliminated. A complete sound intensity calibrator in one compact portable unit with built-in sine and broadband sound sources, Type 4297 can also be used with sound intensity analysis systems based on PULSE. Type 4297 is ideal for on-site sound pressure calibration (at 251.2Hz, Type 1 IEC 60942) and pressure residual intensity index verification of a wide range of B&K sound intensity probes. These include Types 3583, 3584, 3595 and 3599 with sound intensity microphone pair Type 4197 as well as earlier Types 3545 or 3548 with sound intensity microphone pair Type 4181. The microphones must be calibrated with 1/4-inch preamplifiers and a 12mm spacer. For calibration of sound pressure sensitivity, the microphones are both positioned in the calibration chamber and are thus exposed to exactly the same sound pressure (amplitude and phase). The broadband sound source is provided for measurement of the pressure-residual intensity index spectrum and this is also used to assess the accuracy of sound intensity measurements. A calibration chart is supplied that states the levels that should be detected during calibration. The acoustic feedback system automatically adjusts for variations in atmospheric pressure and makes the requirement for a barometer for correction purposes superfluous. Type 4297 fulfils the requirements of IEC 61043, Electroacoustics - Instruments for the Measurement of Sound Intensity - Measurements with Pairs of Pressure Sensing Microphones: 1993, and is housed in a compact case measuring 60 x 55 x 170mm and weighing 730 grams. __________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Bruel & Kjaer, Bedford House, Rutherford, Close, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2ND. UK Tel: +44(0) 1438 739000, Fax: +44(0) 1438 739099 E-mail: Web site: September 2001
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