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VibraCal Lite Automatic Accelerometer Calibration System provides NIST Traceability. Endevco Corporation's new VibraCal Lite is an entry-level priced automatic calibration system that provides NIST traceable back-to-back comparison calibration of most accelerometer types, ranging from charge and voltage type piezoelectric to bridge type piezoresistive sensors. VibraCal Lite is well suited for the budget-conscious metrology lab whose immediate plan is to purchase or lease a state-of-the-art automatic accelerometer calibration system to both satisfy ISO 9001 requirements and replace outdated calibration instruments. VibraCal Lite with its modular concept can also satisfy their future plan to increase the sophistication of this system. Test accelerometer output could be single-ended or differential, AC or DC coupled, isolated or grounded. The system complies with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 and ISO Guide 17025:2000. The users can easily customize calibration certificates. Calibration frequency range is 20 Hz to 5 kHz using stepped sine or random excitation methods. VibraCal Lite System can be expanded to extended vibration range from 10 Hz to 50 KHz. Shock module using Endevco POP can be added to provide shock calibration from 20 g to 10 000 g. VibraCal Lite is also capable of absolute low frequency calibration by incorporating Laser Doppler Vibrometer, 2924 long stroke shaker and a fringe counter. The vibration system utilizes modular design and consists of a controller, a Brüel & Kjær PULSEÔ Signal Analyzer, and an Endevco model 2926 shaker. The PULSEÔ Signal Analyzer measures the auto-spectra of the transducer signals and the cross-spectrum between them. It then calculates the transfer function between the two signals. The Signal Analyzer also generates the random noise or sinusoidal signal supplied to the vibration exciters. The mid-range frequency shaker has its own integrated power amplifier. System operational software is based on National Instruments' Windows LabView. Test configurations and test data are stored and managed using Microsoft Access database. Tests may be automatically set up by recalling a particular test definition file, which is specific to each transducer model. No operator adjustments are required for the particular gain, grounding and vibration levels. Computer control helps eliminate operator error, enhances repeatability, and ensures optimum signal-to-noise ratio and calibration accuracy. __________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. Bedford House, Rutherford, Close, Stevenage, Herts. SG1 2ND. UK Tel: +44(0) 1438 739000, Fax: +44(0) 1438 739099 E-mail: Website: October 2002
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