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The international acoustics and vibration specialist,
Bruel & Kjaer UK, announces its 2006 programme
of training courses.

This year’s series focuses on engineers and technicians seeking
to improve their theoretical knowledge of acoustics and vibration
technologies.  Many of the courses will feature hands-on training
with state-of-the-art instrumentation.  Many are intended for first-time
users of the equipment or those in need of refresher training, and will
explain the basic functions, set-up and use of equipment from Bruel
& Kjaer and other vendors.

For the second year, would-be delegates for the training courses will
be able to see detailed information on Bruel & Kjaer’s UK website
(, and use an online form to register for events.

The courses range from favourites such as Sound Insulation
Measurements, PULSE User Training, and Principles of Acoustics
and Vibration Measurements, to the return of the popular Noise
Tour educational seminars on noise measurement and analysis.

 Among new courses available in 2006 is the MATRON Breakfast
Seminar, an informal session on the operation of the MATRON III
Neighbour Noise Monitoring System.  This two-hour training session
provides guidance on set-up and calibration, best practice for analysis
and assessment of measurements and recordings, report generation,
and data archiving.  Coffee, croissants and other breakfast alternatives
are provided.

An Introduction to Sound Intensity Measurements is recommended
mainly for those who are new to sound intensity and wish to gain a
basic working knowledge of the main principles, although more
experienced users may also find it useful.  No prior knowledge of
the subject is required, and the course commences with some brief
revision of relevant acoustics principles.  The course includes practical
demonstrations and the opportunity for some hands-on experience.

The 2250 and MATRON III User Training course is designed for users
new to the Type 2250 Hand-held Analyser or those in need of a refresher
course on the basic functions of the system.  The course runs through
set-up of the instrument to data download procedures using Type
BZ-5503 Utility Software for Hand-held Analysers, and covers the
operation of the MATRON III Neighbour Noise Monitoring System.

Delegates will be taken through a number of measurement and
calculation exercises using their own 2250 instruments.  Case studies
will be used and discussed throughout.

During 2006 Bruel & Kjaer will also be running courses on the Internet.
They will be announced on throughout the year.

A free Course Planner wall calendar, highlighting all UK training courses
in 2006, can be ordered from Bruel & Kjaer UK by calling 01438 739006
or by emailing 

For full course details contact:-
Stephanie Semmens
Bruel & Kjaer UK Limited, Bedford House, Rutherford Close,
Stevenage, Herts SG1 2ND.

Telephone:  +44(0)1438 739006
Fax:  +44(0)1438 739099
Web site:

Event listing:
New programme for 2006 MATRON Breakfast Seminar 9 May 2006, venue TBA 19 September 2006 TBA For venues, please see An Introduction to Sound Intensity Measurements 6 April 2006, Stevenage 12 September 2006, Birmingham 2250 and MATRON-III User Training 11 April 2006, Stevenage 7 June 2006, Manchester 14 November 2006, Bristol Product/Application Training Basic 2260 User Training 7 March 2006, Birmingham 6 September 2006, Manchester Use of Software (Type 7815/7820) for Processing Results from 2260 and 2250 8 March 2006, Birmingham 7 September 2006, Manchester PULSE User Day 23 May 2006, Stevenage Sound Insulation Measurements 4 April 2006, Stevenage 4 May 2006, Birmingham 14 September 2006, Stevenage 10 October 2006, Manchester PULSE Basic and Advanced User Training 14-15 March 2006, Stevenage 11–12 October 2006, Stevenage Educational Courses Noise Tour 4 October 2006, London 5 October 2006, Bristol 1 November 2006, Birmingham 2 November 2006, Manchester Principles of Acoustics 27-28 April 2006, Stevenage 19-20 October 2006, Stevenage Frequency Analysis 16-17 May 2006, Stevenage 7-8 November 2006, Stevenage Vibration Measurements 25-26 April 2006, Stevenage 17-18 October 2006, Stevenage Seminar NVH Automotive Seminar 15 June 2006, Heritage Motor Museum, Gaydon __________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. Bedford House, Rutherford, Close, Stevenage, Herts. SG1 2ND. UK Tel: +44(0) 1438 739000, Fax: +44(0) 1438 739099 E-mail: Website: February 2006
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