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Sanitary Pressure Transmitter

BCM SENSOR has launched a new version of model 132S, type (c) Sanitary Pressure Transmitter which is especially designed for food and pharmaceutical industries.

The main feature of 132S(c) is its mechanical interface: Tri-Clamp connection.

The Tri-Clamp connection of 132S(c) is easily to clean and sanitized, and lets to perform excellent sealing. Between the Tri-clamp connection and the electronic housing, the integral cooling extension is integrated to enhance the thermal resistance. The operating temperature of 132S(c) can go up to 200 degree Celsius. These features make the transmitter suitable for both sanitary and high temperature applications.

132S(c) is available with various electrical interfaces and connections which respectfully will determine the ingress protection of the transmitter from IP65 (e.g. DIN43650) to IP67 (e.g. cable connection). Other electrical connections are available on request.

Datasheet Download : Model 132S

For more information, please contact:

Industriepark Z4, Brechtsebaan 2
B-2900 Schoten - Antwerpen
Tel.: +32.3.238 6469
Fax: +32.3.238 4171

August 2014

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