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Data recording without ranges or limits - Brüel & Kjær launch the LAN-XI Notar™ PC-less stand-alone recorder

Brüel & Kjær’s new stand-alone recorder, based on the PULSE LAN-XI analyser hardware, makes high-quality data recording supremely easy, even in situations where no PC could survive

LAN-XI Notar™ allows PC-less recordings directly to a small and rugged solid state memory card - applications where the use of a PC is not an option – such as in-flight or in-vehicle measurements or other harsh environments.

On other recorders, changing the input range on each channel takes time, is usually awkward on a recorder's limited user interface and opens up the possibility for overloads or under-range errors. Such complications are things of the past thanks to LAN-XI Notar's huge 160dB Dyn-X single input range.

Recordings are saved directly to a removable memory card in WAV format, including the necessary calibration information - making it a flexible format for Brüel & Kjær’s customers already using the company’s PULSE Time analysis software, as well as third-party analysis packages, such as Matlab.

Together with Brüel & Kjær’s new LAN-XI Battery Type 2831, this small, rugged solid-state recorder can operate for more than seven hours on a single battery. It is also possible to swap the battery in the field for even longer measurement time.

Using a PC, or other device with an internet browser, the user can setup the recorder and enter the transducer sensitivities. Once this is done, the PC can be removed and the system will function as a stand-alone recorder with single button control.

Since its release, PULSE has provided a stable and continually evolving analysis platform, allowing customers to implement staged upgrades, rather than changing to an entirely new system each time new developments become available. To date more than 9,500 PULSE systems have been purchased globally and are used within the automotive, aerospace, education and telecommunication industries, for research development and production test, plus many more applications.

About Bruel & Kjaer
Brüel & Kjær is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of sound and vibration solutions for use in a wide range of applications including environmental noise measurements, building acoustics, vibration measurements and quality control for use in the automotive, aerospace and consumer industries, as well as by local authorities. Today Brüel & Kjær has 900 employees and sales offices in 55 countries. Brüel & Kjær is a subsidiary of UK-based Spectris plc. ( Spectris has annual sales of approximately £656m and employs around 6000 people worldwide in its 15 business units.
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January 2010

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