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Thales Alenia Space choose LDS V994 Shaker for Satellite Testing

Brüel & Kjær is to provide Thales Alenia Space with an LDS vibration shaker system for mechanical vibration and shock testing of satellites.

The system is for the new satellite assembly, integration and test centre built within the scope of Turkish Ministry of Defence’s Göktürk satellite project.

Brüel & Kjær will provide an LDS V994 Shaker, Head Expander and an Accelerometer Calibration System. The shaker will be equipped with a large 2.5m x 2.5m auxiliary slip table with special extra bearing positioning.

Telespazio, a Finmeccanica/Thales company, has won a tender as prime contractor, supported by Thales Alenia Space (a Thales/Finmeccanica company), from the Turkish Ministry of Defence for the Göktürk satellite system.

The agreement covers the supply of an Earth observation satellite equipped with a high-resolution optical sensor, an assembly, integration and test centre, and the entire ground segment of the system, which will carry out in-orbit operation, data acquisition and processing. Telespazio will also provide all satellite launch and test services. As part of the mechanical testing facilities, a shaker capable of operating in 3 axes was required.

Brüel & Kjær (Sound and Vibration Measurement A/S,, with headquarters in Denmark, is a subsidiary of UK-based Spectris plc. Brüel & Kjær are world leaders in acoustic and vibration test and measurement systems & solutions. The LDS class-leading brand of shakers & controllers are found globally in test applications as diverse as satellite testing and structural analysis, through squeak and rattle checks, and package testing. The LDS V994 Shaker is a water-cooled, electrodynamic shaker built for testing large payloads up to a mass of 5 tonnes with a maximum sine force rating of 289 kN (65000lbf).

Thales Alenia Space is a joint venture between Thales and Finmeccanica Thales Alenia Space is a European leader for satellite systems and at the forefront of orbital infrastructures. Thales Alenia Space provides worldwide solutions for space telecoms, radar and optical Earth observation, defence and security, navigation and science.

About Bruel & Kjaer
Brüel & Kjær is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of sound and vibration solutions for use in a wide range of applications including environmental noise measurements, building acoustics, vibration measurements and quality control for use in the automotive, aerospace and consumer industries, as well as by local authorities. Today Brüel & Kjær has 900 employees and sales offices in 55 countries. Brüel & Kjær is a subsidiary of UK-based Spectris plc. ( Spectris has annual sales of approximately £656m and employs around 6000 people worldwide in its 15 business units.
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May 2011

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