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Bruel & Kjaer Goes Green(er)
Sound and vibration expert gains environmental ISO certification

Bruel & Kjaer Royston - commonly associated with the colour green due to the colour of its instruments – is now officially greener, as the company has become ISO 14001 certified.

ISO 14001 is a series of international standards on environmental management - and the ISO 14001 part specifies a system of Environmental Management controls against which an organisation can be certified, as accredited, by a third party. Bruel & Kjaer’s Royston site, which includes LDS Test & Measurement Ltd, was successfully certified against this system by the BSI.

As a result of implementing ISO 14001, Brüel & Kjær’s UK operations are committed to being environmentally responsible in order to meet legal requirements and those from its customers.

The company will meet its environmental objectives using specified strategies, which includes managing its resources to minimise raw material usage, correctly disposing of waste, reducing harmful emissions and promote energy conservation and recycling. Where possible, Bruel & Kjaer Royston will use components, materials or substances that are less harmful to the environment and raise this awareness amongst its employees, to enable them to carry out their work with the same consideration.

Brüel & Kjaer’s Head of Operations (UK) Andrew Turner said: “We are delighted to achieve this accreditation and join our Naerum facility, which has been ISO 14001 compliant since 2009. These changes, implemented at our UK site in Royston, means that our facility for manufacturing and servicing shakers - and our calibration laboratory - are now fully 14001 compliant.”

“Brüel & Kjaer recognises the principle of sustainable development and has consequently established a system with the purpose of managing all significant environmental aspects of activities, products and services - and thereby controlling environmental impact from our activities, preventing pollution, continually improving the overall environmental performance and encouraging our suppliers to do the same.”

In order to retain the ISO 14001 certification, a yearly review will be carried out by top management of the company’s environmental performance and improvements.

About Bruel & Kjaer
Brüel & Kjær is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of sound and vibration solutions for use in a wide range of applications including environmental noise measurements, building acoustics, vibration measurements and quality control for use in the automotive, aerospace and consumer industries, as well as by local authorities. Today Brüel & Kjær has 900 employees and sales offices in 55 countries. Brüel & Kjær is a subsidiary of UK-based Spectris plc. ( Spectris has annual sales of approximately £656m and employs around 6000 people worldwide in its 15 business units.
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May 2011

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