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Noise Sentinel wins a ‘Noise Oscar’

Brüel & Kjær is pleased to announce that Noise Sentinel, an online subscription based system for noise compliance management, has won the UK Noise Abatement Society’s John Connell Technology Award, sponsored by the Institute of Acoustics.

Noise Sentinel is a web-based real-time noise management service that simplifies noise monitoring and compliance management for industry. It is a complete end-to-end service that combines established monitoring practises with new innovations, such as continuous assessment and ease of sharing with stakeholders, to help industry manage noise impact in the community.

Noise Sentinel is in operation at over 20 locations worldwide, continuously monitoring noise and vibration at large construction sites, mines, ports, and entertainment venues including the Moorgate Shaft Project, London Crossrail and Global Renewables’ waste recycling facilities at Thornton and Leyland in Lancashire, UK.

Presented by Stephen Turner, Head of the Technical & Evidence Team for Noise and Nuisance at Defra, the award recognises and encourages new or enhanced products that demonstrate significant technological advancement in resolving noise pollution problems.

Gloria Elliott, chief executive of the Noise Abatement Society, said: “Bruel & Kjaer's Noise Sentinel demonstrated the successful creation and implementation of practical solutions to difficult noise problems. Such solutions and the resulting on-going collaborative partnerships they engender are helping to significantly improve the aural environment for the greater community benefit.”

Daniel Saunders, Brüel & Kjær Key Market Driver, said: “Receiving this award is real acknowledgement that our efforts to help simplify noise management in industry are working. Instead of having to purchase and operate a noise monitoring system, Noise Sentinel takes care of monitoring compliance with noise limits in real-time and provides alerts if levels are too high. This enables the site owners to take action before noise breaches occur and - because it’s a fully managed service - staff can focus on managing noise and not on noise monitoring equipment.”

He adds: “Winning this type of recognition from our industry peers is very rewarding for all our staff and their hard work.”

The award was presented last week at the home of the British parliament, the House of Commons, at the Noise Abatement Society’s annual John Connell Awards ceremony.

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November 2012

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