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Expediting electronic exports for Thailand

Non-profit organisation expands test service capabilities with Brüel & Kjær tools

Thailand’s electronic exports play an important role in generating national income and although electrical exports have been growing, they are facing fierce competition at regional and national levels - and changeable trade rules that can hinder exporters.

Thailand’s Electrical and Electronics Institute (EEI) advises companies on how to fulfil government standards for consumer electronics, helping companies selling into the Thai market - and Thai businesses exporting to Europe and around the world.

EEI achieve this through consultation, training, seminars and performing testing services, including sound power and electromagnetic compatibility.

The key role for EEI is working for Thai companies that want to export, as Vice President Thanasak Chaiyavech says: “We want to support export companies that want to develop overseas markets.”

Although there is currently no noise legislation in Thailand, for the many companies seeking to export to places where standards are mandatory, such as the US and Europe, this is a vital service.

Sound power testing is a major focus and EEI operates this testing full-time, using Brüel & Kjær’s system, including a material testing tube, 10-channel PULSE sound power system and Type 4955 low-noise microphones, which are essential for testing down to very low sound power levels.

About Bruel & Kjaer
Brüel & Kjær is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of sound and vibration solutions for use in a wide range of applications including environmental noise measurements, building acoustics, vibration measurements and quality control for use in the automotive, aerospace and consumer industries, as well as by local authorities. Today Brüel & Kjær has 900 employees and sales offices in 55 countries. Brüel & Kjær is a subsidiary of UK-based Spectris plc. ( Spectris has annual sales of approximately £656m and employs around 6000 people worldwide in its 15 business units.

March 2013

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