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More traffic in Montevideo, but no more noise

Noise from vehicles in the bustling Uruguayan capital city Montevideo has remained relatively stable, a study shows

Despite increasing numbers of motor vehicles, a study with a Brüel & Kjær sound level meter has proven noise levels in the bustling Uruguayan capital city Montevideo have remained relatively stable.

The study - carried out by the capital's Administration - used a Bruel & Kjaer Sound Level Meter Type 2250 to measure from 63 different points around the city. The test took between 10 and 14 hours, with a duration of 15 minutes.

The meter, standing at 1.5 m high with the microphone toward the street, simultaneously measured a minute-by-minute count of the main noise generated by sources including motorbikes, cars, buses and trucks.

A comparison with the sound of Montevideo survey conducted in 2010 was also performed. During this study, eleven points of comparison were taken and the comparison showed that - despite the increase of the vehicle fleet in recent years - the noise levels were relatively constant.

Since the measurements were performed at peak hours, the equivalent level results obtained in the study represent the maximum noise level generated.

During the night, noise levels decreased significantly, as demonstrated by one example on the corner of the city's Liberty Avenue and Francisco Soca, where daytime sound levels of 68.3 dB decreased to 54.3 dB at night.

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May 2014

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