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New PROFIBUS Configurable Universal Transmitter.

Bourdon Sedeme introduces the FlexTop® 2231, a low cost,
Profibus® PA configurable, universal transmitter with galvanic
isolation between input and output.

The input can be configured for RTD or T/C sensors as well as resistance,
current or voltage signals.  2, 3 or 4-wire or dual Pt100 sensors can be
connected at the resistance input and the dual sensors can be configured
for differential, average or average with redundancy output signals.

FlexTop 2231 is designed to Profibus PA v3.0 and is fully configurable
via Siemens PDM® software.  The Profibus PA communication features
on-line process monitoring, transmitter configuration and multiple process
control in 2-wire networks especially suited to Ex applications.

Flextop 2231 joins the other members of the FlexTop family of transmitters,
adding Profibus and dual sensor capabilities to an already impressive
range.  Each has a compact design in a 44 mm diameter enclosure that
can be installed in housings such as a DIN-B or a stainless steel Kamstrup
80 mm.  

Units are embedded in silicone to make them resistant to humidity and
have a 6 mm centre hole for fast sensor replacement.  Spring-loaded
mounting screws ensure secure fastening, even in vibrating environments.

The FlexTop 2231 offers amazing flexibility at an outstanding price and
is sure to be a welcome addition to the Bourdon and Kamstrup,
high-performance range of instruments for measuring pressure,
temperature, force and acceleration.  It will find a home in a wide
range of applications in the petroleum, gas, chemical, pharmaceutical,
food, water treatment, aeronautic, civil and military, railway and
marine industries.

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Bourdon Haenni Ltd.

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June 2001
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