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Pressure Transmitter can cope with extreme conditions.

Bourdon Sedeme introduces the FlexBar 3501, a rugged
digital pressure transmitter able to operate in the most
demanding of conditions.

It is ideal for applications including tank level and line pressures in
power stations, reactor vessels in chemical industries, dusty environments
such as cement works, hazardous areas in the petrochem and offshore
industries, process and holding tanks in the paper and pulp sector and
pressure measurements in the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

Protected by an AISI 316 stainless steel housing, the FlexBar 3501 is
resistant to extreme electrical, mechanical and chemical conditions,
making it suitable for use in the harshest industrial and process

The FlexBar 3501 is approved to EEx ia, EEx d and ATEX II 1G, rated
up to IP67 and can cope with temperatures from -40°C to 125°C.
EMC compliance is to the NAMUR NE21 standard.

Machine builders and OEMs requiring high accuracy and robust
construction will also welcome the FlexBar 3501's high turndown
ratio of 25:1giving a minimum span of 4mbar, programmability and
excellent vibration immunity.

The FlexBar 3501 is a loop powered, configurable press transmitter
measuring absolute or gauge pressure in the ranges 0-0.1 bar to
-1-70 bar to an accuracy of better than 0.1% by means of a ceramic,
capacitive sensor.  With HART® communication capability, it can be
operated as a conventional 4-20mA device or connected to a
two-wire HART® network.

The unit can be configured via the integral pushbuttons, a handheld
HART® 275 communicator or a dedicated FlexProgrammer unit
connected to a standard PC with a 9-pole serial port.

On site adjustments of span, auto-zero, zero point and the unique
Lower Range Value/Upper Range Value (LRV/URV) auto function
can be made with the pushbuttons even in hazardous zones.

The URV limit is 4-100% and the LRV 0-96% of the full range.
For fluctuating pressure applications, up to 60 seconds damping is
available, while a 30 point  linearisation table can be entered to
compensate for non-linear tank measurements.

The FlexBar 3501 is available with six different process connections
and a range of chemical separators.  The housing can be rotated
through 270° relative to the connection.  An optional four digit LCD
can be integrated into the transmitter body to show a range of
standard engineering units including bar, mbar, psi, kPa and MPa.

With these features, the FlexBar 3501 beats its nearest competitors
on function, operation, design and finish, and in recognition of its
outstanding design it has received a German Industrie Forum Design

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Bourdon Haenni Ltd.

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August 2001
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