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Removing the risk of contamination in pipes.

A new system comprising In-line hygienic pipes with
integrated unions, engineered for the food manufacturing
industry, has been introduced by Bourdon-Haenni.

The In-line system is suitable for installation into process piping,
enabling measurement sensors to be safely introduced into a
system without the risk of contamination.

Available in diameters from 38 to 101.6mm, the system comprises
a short length of pipe (between 170 and 390mm) with either one
or two integrated unions for industry standard 3NDN38 connections.

Manufactured in acid resistant stainless steel, the system meets
ClF, SIP and aseptic capability requirements, and complies with
EHEDG, FDA and is certified to 3A.

Easy to weld into new or existing pipelines, they ensure hygienic
connections and dimensional accuracy, without the costly finishing
of the surfaces.

Each standard 3A-DN38 connection allows a compatible sensor
to be fitted, enabling precise spot measurements of both temperature
and pressure to be made. Each connection is engineered to ensure
that when fitted with a pressure transmitter, the diaphragm is flush
to the walls of the pipe, avoiding shadow areas.

A specially designed groove and 0-ring, seals the connection
allowing for any movement due to temperature change.

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Bourdon Haenni Ltd.

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December 2001
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