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Explosion proof Pressure Transmitters.

Bourdon Haenni, has introduced the X910 and X5 10 series
of explosion proof pressure transmitters for use in zone one
hazardous areas.

Manufactured entirely from stainless steel, the new 1P65 units are a
high performance, compact and cost effective alternative to conventional
smart pressure transducers for a range of industries including chemicals,
petro-chemical and pharmaceuticals.

The X9 10 range uses Transbar ceramic pressure cell technology to
provide accurate readings (typically ± 0.2%) at pressures ranging from
as low as 0 to 25mbar up to a maximium of 0 to 400bar.

The X5l0 uses metallic thin film technology to read pressures from
0 to 60bar to 0 to l800bar. Accuracy is typically ±0.2% and the unit is
suitable for use in high-pressure applications such as hydraulic systems.
All the transmitters are shock resistant to IEC 68-2-32 and suitable
for use in temperatures from -25 to 100°C. Available with a G1/2 or
1/2NPT pressure port, they can be used with low viscosity fluids or,
when mounted on optional chemical seals, with viscous or crystallising

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February 2002
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