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New Pressure Transmitters have
active temperature compensation.

Bourdon Haenni, the manufacturer of high technology
industrial instrumentation introduces the ED701 pressure

Manufactured totally in stainless steel, the new high specification
units include zero setting and active temperature compensation
as standard.  Featuring hermetically sealed ASIC technology,
the current range features pressures from 100mbar to 40bar
gauge and 400mbar to 40bar absolute pressure.

The piezo-resistive silicon sensor gives extremely high levels
of stability and repeatability across the entire pressure range,
with the active temperature compensation from -10 to +80C,
accuracies of 0.1% can be obtained.  Typical values are 0.05%
full scale for combined hysteresis and repeatability and 0.2%/year
for stability. 

With a response time of 25msec, these transmitters have been
designed for both the industrial and hygienic markets.  With 16
process connections and 9 electrical connections available as
standard, the units have environmental protections from IP65 to
IP67 and approvals from the FDA, 3A and EHEDG.  Standard
electrical outputs are available as 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc or 0-5Vdc.
As an additional feature, the ED701 can be supplied with a
G1/2 flush diaphragm fitting which is compatible with the
CombiConnect series of process fittings from Bourdon-Haenni
giving a simple solution to stocking for differing process
connections on plant.

Higher pressure ranges to 600bar are planned for 2003 as well
as an expansion of the process connection range.

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Bourdon Haenni Ltd.

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February 2003
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