Local bus monitoring systems via USB PC interface. Now developed standard industrial process sensors with integral electronics that provide them with a USB interface. In this way the units can be plugged into a PC USB port or hub, to make a 'plug and play' connection, and also a plant interface network from the engineer's PC. The Industrial Connection software is supplied free to each client for computer hard drive configuration that enables a display of current values. Up to 127 USB sensors can be monitored and recorder on one PC, by engineers with simple programming knowledge. Alternatively, the BTS Linkup software is available to allow interrogation, recording and monitoring access to these sensors around the plant. Process sensors available with an integral USB interface are for example, for measurement of flow, level, pressure and differential pressure: other sensors for rotary and linear displacement are also available.
The BTS Linkup software has an embedded graphics package, or a spreadsheet can be used interactively if preffered. Data can then be processed on the PC to give totalised flow, usage, etc. recorder and archived for later analysis. Clients can create the system they require by using the BTS Linkup interface with monitoring and control packages, Local Area Networks and Ethernet link. Sensors can even be monitored via the internet, if a suitable modem and dial up network interface is installed. __________________________________________________ June 2003
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