SMC 4 x 4 Mini Controller Four sensor inputs have been combined with four control outputs in the smc 4 x 4 mini controller which is usb based this allows simple measurement and control using a computer as the base for many systems. With 10 bit resolution and 0.1% accuracy these units will meet the functional requirements of most scientific, educational and industrial applications. Connection and recognition of 0 to 5volt analogue sensors can be achieved without rebooting the computer and the drivers are installed in approximately five minutes as a once only requirement. The computer 5volt supply is utilised avoiding the need for an external supply. Free issue software provides digital displays of the dynamic process values and analogue dials show process trends. A direct route in to excel is provided together with the visual basic source code for use with other spread sheet applications. In order to display the dynamic process values in to existing spread sheet configurations or to include them in individual programmes/applications the active x files are also available. The four control functions consist of two proportional outputs of 0 to 5volts and two relay contacts which can be normally open or normally closed, all four outputs are represented by on screen analogue dials and the voltage levels and trip points can be set from the keyboard. Each unit comes complete with a set of input and output mating connectors and a 1.8 metre usb lead. The inputs and outputs can be mixed and matched or used individually, further flexibility is possible using multiple units and usb hubs. The units are unique due to the ease of getting values in and out of the computer, project time scales and development cycles can be shortened all this is possible without programming knowledge you just plug and play. The low cost together with the savings that can be made on instrumentation means really cost effective solutions are possible for simple measurement and control . A digital version will be available shortly this model will accept sensor inputs in the range of 50Hz to 1KHz. __________________________________________________ June 2005
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