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Barksdale is pleased to announce
enhancements to the UQS7 Flow Transmitter.

It is now available in standard ranges to measure flow from
0.04 to 340 litres per minute, and pipe sizes up to 2" . Also
a "pulsed output" now available as an option.

The UQS7 from Barksdale provides new levels of performance
and safety in flow monitoring and control of liquids. Designed for
use with water and other water-based liquids it incorporates an
ultrasonic sensor to measure the liquid flow.

High scanning rate, large measuring ranges and the small pressure
drop are characteristic's of the UQS7.

Flow measurement is converted using the latest onboard modern
semiconductor technology and microprocessor to provide a visual
indication on an easy to read 12mm LED display.

In addition to the display of the flow the UQS7 offers two programmable
switch contacts which may be used to monitor low & high flow
conditions, together with an analogue 4-20 mA output, This analogue
output may be transmitted for remote control and monitoring.
Alternatively a "Pulsed Output" can be provided for remote flow

In line installation is quick and easy to G 3/4", G 1" 1 1/4" & 2" male
connections. All switch settings may be set using 3 menu keys. With
the permanent self-diagnostic system any errors are detected and
displayed immediately by an alarm signal. All measuring and switch
functions are monitored in millisecond intervals providing fast response
of flow changes. Switch settings may be electronically locked to prevent
unauthorised adjustments.

The major benefits the UQS7 provides are its compact size, 110 x 110
x 94 mm, capable of withstanding 25 Bar pressure, low pressure drop
<250 mbar, fast response, <1 sec, a clear online display of flow, with
two freely adjustable switch points, an analogue output or pulsed output
for remote monitoring and control. It also conforms to DESINA
requirements for the German Machine Tool Industry.

Typical applications would be the monitoring of water flow in cooling
systems. For example laser welding and robotic welding machines
used in the automotive industry, where it is important that any failure
in the water flow system is immediately detected to prevent damage
to this expensive equipment and processes.

February 2006
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