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The ultimate in Optical Sensors

Following the success of the series 10 optical sensors,
a new chapter will be added to this success story
- the laser version!
 The new OHDK 10 has a housing the size of a sugar cube,
something that is claimed to be currently unique in the market.

This innovative sensor opens up a wide field of possible
applications that were previously restricted to other types of
sensor technology (or which couldn’t be solved at all).

The integration of a laser light source builds upon the well known
strengths of the series 10 to offer sensors with even higher performance. 

The visible laser beam assists with operational set-up, and is a big help
when optimal focusing of the laser beam on an object is required.

The adjustable sensing range lies between 20 - 100 mm and the lateral
repeat accuracy at the laser focal point is less than 0.2 mm.
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June 2000

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