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Measuring with a LASER sensor

Baumer Electric have recently designed a new laser sensor family.
The new OADM 20 lasers are suitable for applications in which the
distance from the sensor to the target needs to be evaluated. 

Utilising proven triangulation techniques and fast microprocessor technology,
the highly linear measured value is made available through an industry
standard 4-20mA interface. Six measuring ranges and two speeds of
response are available, covering from 30 to 500mm and 1 to 10ms
response time.

The sensor also incorporates a digital alarm output, LED status
indications and an industrial standard M12 connector. The laser sensor
is suitable for most surfaces, regardless of colour, and will compensate
the laser output to overcome lens soiling.

Two types of laser are available, the point type for accurate spot measurement,
and the strip type for rough and uneven targets.

The sensors are suitable for a wide range of industrial projects, need
no external control units, and are housed in a compact IP67 industrial
housing of only 50x65x20mm.

Applications can be found in the Automation, Inspection, Process and
Handling industries.
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Baumer Electric Ltd

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June 2000

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