A new range of miniature laser sensors which provide pinpoint accuracy for the detection of objects to within 0.1mm and with response times of less than 0.1 ms have been introduced by sensing and instrumentation specialists BAUMER LTD. The 0300 laser sensors with IO link will precisely detect very small gaps and objects, even when closely spaced so they are ideally suited to fast, or high throughput processes and applications.

The 0300 sensors will be ideally suited to applications such as; assembly and handling, packaging, pharmaceutical and food and beverage which often involve large volumes. Thanks to a laser beam which focuses to within and has an accuracy of 0.1mm, objects can be positioned with high precision and follow-up processes can be controlled precisely.
The main advantage of the sensors is their exact alignment thanks to the development by Baumer of qTarget a process whereby the light beam of the sensor is aligned by design to the fixing holes. This eliminates individual part tolerances and ensures that the entire sensor range has a light beam with consistent accuracy.

Furthermore, Baumer has also developed qTeach™ a new and convenient, wear-free teach-in procedure which means the sensors can be commissioned just by touching them with any ferromagnetic tool. A blue LED light provides clear optical feedback and to prevent user errors qTeach locks automatically after 5 minutes. The combination of qTarget and qTeach ensures safe, reliable and fast commissioning of the sensor, whilst also eliminating the potential weak points associated with the pushbutton or potentiometer.

The 0300 range consists of 5 options and includes a SmartReflect option, the original light barrier design without the need for a reflector. Even reflecting objects with a size of just 0.5mm can be reliably detected within a sensing distance of 250mm.

Stainless steel IP68 and IP69K options are also available which combine a rugged hygienic design for easy wash down suited to applications in packaging plants for food and pharmaceutical industries.

IO-Link integration means the sensors are ready for Industry 4.0 allowing for quick and easy configuration for all applications using standard network components.

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About Baumer Ltd:
Baumer Ltd is part of a family owned company which operates on a global scale employing around 2400 people in 38 subsidiaries across 19 countries Worldwide. Baumer is acknowledged as a leading supplier of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing. Baumer is your partner for, Food & Beverage Sensing, Food & Beverage Processing, Assembly and Handling, Material Handling, Encoders and Motion Control Solutions.

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Jon Sumner
Baumer Ltd.
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Tel: +44 1793 783839
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February 2018

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