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 MC5 Portable Calibrator's integral range
 extended up to 160 bar. 
The MC5 portable multifunction calibrator from Beamex, launched in February 1999 now has an extended integral pressure calibration range up to 160 bar, the normal maximum range being 20 bar. The instrument combines pressure, temperature, electrical and frequency calibration in a compact and rugged case, with user-friendly controls and a large backlit display. Demand for companies to modernise their maintenance practices for instrument calibration is on the rise. Such demands are generated by corporate and ISO9000 quality standards, ISO14000 environmental standards, and global competition. Regulatory agencies, such as EPA and FDA, requires facilities to report instrument calibration data. To lighten this load, Beamex introduced the MC5 multifunction calibrator a year ago. The calibrator employs the proven technology of its current line of calibrators coupled with innovative packaging, user-friendly interface and firmware functions. The IP65-rated dust and waterproof case makes the calibrator ideal for field use. Special attention has been given in designing a case that is ergonomical and practical to use. The modular construction makes the calibrator extremely adaptive to meet a great variety of applications from being a stand-alone calibrator to a multi-channel datalogging device linked to a system. It can be equipped with up to three internal pressure measurement modules covering ranges from 100mbar to 160 bar. Also a wide choice of external pressure modules cover ranges from 100 mbar up to 600 bar, allowing future expansion to meet changing requirements. Pressure, temperature and electrical sections may be installed simultaneously in a single unit. The calibrator weighs under 2kg without internal pressure modules. When fully loaded with three pressure modules, it weighs just over .5 kg. Weight reduction has been achieved by using advanced circuit board technology. To further reduce the weight, a high capacity NiMH rechargeable battery pack is used which can be recharged either during use or separately. The MC5 can also use dry batteries. The MC5 uses a large backlit display that is 240 x 320 pixels, approximately a quarter of the size of a standard computer display. It is, however, 60% larger than the nearest competitor's. Both numerical and graphical as-found and as-left calibration results can be viewed, along with the instrument history. A full-text display gives detailed calibration procedures, graphical representations of the work just performed, safety instructions and test data. The interface is menu-driven and provides online help and support for multiple languages. As new firmware becomes available, the user can download files from the internet to a PC, and to the calibrator via serial (RS232) port. Flash memory technology provides support for the possibility to install future functions developed without sending the calibrator to the manufacturer for upgrade. Most intelligent instruments being manufactured today comply with the HART protocol. While other calibrators typically require an additional communicator to recognise these instruments, this capability is internal to the MC5. The MC5 satisfies the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11, Rule for Electronic Record Keeping and Electronic Signatures, by enabling user ID and password requirements. The MC5 represents excellent measurement uncertainty both in laboratory and in tough field environments, thanks to advanced compensation techniques. Additional features include configurable auto-step, ramp, and sequencing functions, simultaneous multi-channel datalogging of up to five variables; connectivity with QCAL software packages; datalogging of environmental conditions during calibration (ISO9000/10012-1 requirement); temperature bath interface option (allows automatic temperature calibration); calculator functions; transmitter simulation functions; field entry of data; and pressure controller interface (allows automatic pressure calibration). The MC5 has a three year warranty as standard, which can be extended to five years. The MC5 is a part of the QCAL product range that will allow it to communicate with Beamex software packages, QD3 and QM6. _________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Beamex Ltd.

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