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Real-Time Energy Monitoring System

Biodata's new Microlink 826 logs data from utility meters
- sending the consumption readings to a central PC running
Windows. It lets you monitor demand in real-time and
identify patterns of use of electricity, gas, water and so on.

Each Microlink 826 can monitor 8 utility meters, and up to 30
Microlinks can be incorporated in one system. The Microlink
can be up to 1 km away from the PC. It can also communicate
over a modem so you can retrieve reading remotely. Data is
stored both locally by the battery-backed Microlink and on
the PC, ensuring no loss of information.

The software supplied with the system lets users chart data
in real-time and see tables of recent readings. Process mimic
software enables staff to create their own data displays, involving,
for example, bar charts, analogue meters, colour-coded alarms
and control buttons. Data can also be sent, in real-time, to
third-party Windows software like Excel for further analysis and
report generation.

The Microlink system starts at just £295 (around US$440 or
500 Euros) including software and technical support for life.
Additional Microlink 826s cost £150. Significant quantity
discounts are available.

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October 2001
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