Software for DNA thermal cycler.

BitBox Ltd, the software and electronics development specialists,
have completed a project for Techne of Cambridge
(, incorporating touch sensitive graphical
display programming methods into their Touchgene molecular
biology thermal cycling equipment.

PCR - Polymerase Chain Reaction biotechniques - use rapid and complex
thermal cycling on large numbers of sample tubes, to transform, grow and
anneal DNA.

The major problem for the research scientist has been to programme,
modify and record these cycles, some of which can involve 30 heat/cool
loops within an hour. Using the graphical display improves the operator
interface, making simpler and more easily understood programming. In
addition the new Touchgene unit has Smart memory cards, which can be
removed by the researcher after using the thermal cycler: this ensures
that no other operator accidentally modifies or erases his programme,
and also keeps his modification ideas confidential, when needed.

BitBox also provided an external interface system to allow a PC to
remotely control the programmes used on multiple cyclers, for
large-scale test work.

The Touchgene is a significant product
advance in biotechnology research equipment, using the best of
electronics and software expertise.


For more information, please contact :-
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July 2000