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Industrial Dead Weight Tester is launched.

Calibration Dynamics Ltd are pleased to launch to the UK market one of the most robust, complete and advanced ranges of Industrial Dead Weight Testers commercially available and on show at the upcoming MTEC exhibition.

The Mensor CPB5000 Primary Standard offers calibration capabilities from -1000 mbar to 4000 Bar with accuracies of 0.015%rdg as standard. Pneumatic and Hydraulic versions are available and piston cylinder assemblies of different ranges are readily interchangeable with bases and mass sets to offer unparalleled flexibility at a very competitive price.

This feature alone differentiates this high quality range of instruments from its competitors. Pistons can be changed quickly, easily, safely and without tools by virtue of the CPB’s patented ‘Connect and Protect’ system.

Precision engineering of the CPB’s Piston Cylinder ensures superior spin and float times normally associated with instruments placed higher on the metrological ladder, costing significantly more.

The Mensor CPB5000 is easy to use with all derivatives featuring built-in priming systems and rapid generation of pressure via the axially located variable volume. At elevated pressures, the CPB5000 offers fingertip control for fine adjustment of pressure. Trim masses are available for each instrument and local gravity correction can be provided as a zero-cost option.

In operation, the masses are kept as low as possible for improved stability and a mirror is provided so that the floating position can be safely and conveniently viewed.

Instruments can be connected quickly, easily and without spanners thanks to the provision of a quick-connect system allowing convenient, high pressure sealing and 360° positioning of the test instrument. ?

To compliment the operation of the CPB5000, we are able to offer the Mensor CPU5000 Dead Weight Tester Calibration Interface in a variety of configurations.

The CPU 5000 offers real-time measurements of local changes in environmental conditions and applies their effects to the Dead Weight Tester’s own calibration constants in order to facilitate immediate True Pressure calculations.

Pressure can be displayed in a variety of corrected units meaning that multiple weight sets are not required

The user can either program the CPU to prompt the masses required for a desired pressure or enter the target pressure and read back the required mass values before loading. This can be further enhanced with the addition of a piston position sensor or electronic calibration modules for the rapid testing of pressure transmitters.

So flexible is the CPU 5000, that it can also be specified for use with any proprietary Dead Weight Tester and can be directly linked to a PC for data transfer.

In short, the Mensor CPB5000 and CPU 5000 are priced competitively, offer high quality, cost effective solutions to accurate pressure calibration and our experienced engineers will be happy to demonstrate this to you in a no-obligation trial or come and view them at our stand B143 at the MTEC exhibition.

For more information, please contact :-

Calibration Dynamics Ltd.
7 Regents Court, South Way, Walworth Industrial Estate,
Andover Hampshire SP10 5NX United Kingdom
Phone: +44(0) 1264 339 030
Fax: +44(0) 1264 339 040

January 2007

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