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All New Automated High Pressure Calibrator.

Launching at the forthcoming MTEC 2007 Exhibition, Calibration Dynamics are very proud to introduce the new APC 800 Automated Gas Pressure Calibrator. It represents the very latest in the design and manufacture of intelligent pressure controllers, providing an industry leading solution to a wide variety of high pressure test and calibration applications.

With some models benefiting from the same Pressure sensor technology as found in the Series 6100 Digital Pressure Transducer, the APC 800 can measure and control pressure with an accuracy of 0.01% of full scale up to 6000psi (400bar). It is also available with a quartz reference transducer offering accuracy as good as 0.008% reading in the APC800-X derivative.

The user friendly interface is enhanced by a colour screen and the clear concise presentation of the menu makes the device extremely easy to use. The membrane style keypad with large navigation keys, numeric input and jog functions provide trouble free use whilst being extremely easy to maintain.

The APC 800 uses proprietary pressure control technology which enables fast pressure control and no overshoot with a control stability to 0.0012% of range. The instrument also has the ability to automatically characterise the control profile to provide optimum pressure control into the specific load volume connected to the test port. This unique control valve technology permits quiet operation making this the ideal pressure calibrator for both production and laboratory environments. It also minimises the number of mechanical components necessary which reduces time consumption and potentially expensive maintenance costs.

The APC 800 can be specified with either a single pressure range or a lower range secondary sensor to further enhance performance over a wide pressure range providing increased flexibility. A variety of pressure ranges are available from 2000psi (140bar) to 6000psi (400bar) highlighting the amazing versatility of this device.

The APC 800 also boasts an integrated data logger and three programmable relay outputs. It offers Ethernet, IEEE488 and RS 232 communications and automated zeroing.

This outstanding calibrator elevates the standard of automated high pressure measurement and Calibration Dynamics is very excited to have it on stand B143 at MTEC. And as ever our engineers will be on hand to give a no-obligation demonstration but for more information beforehand please visit us at or contact our sales team at

For more information, please contact :-

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February 2007

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