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All New Automated High Pressure Calibrator.

Already offering one of the most extensive ranges of pressure calibrators available, calibration test and measurement market leaders Calibration Dynamics were excited to showcase the revolutionary Automated Pressure Calibrator Series 600 at the recent MTEC exhibition. Incorporating the very latest in technological advances with innovative design, this product is transforming the market as we know it.

The APC600 is feature packed and establishes a new standard in flexibility. One precision pressure regulating channel is supplied as standard but two independent channels can be placed in one APC 600 which allows two totally separate calibrations to be performed simultaneously; and as each channel has its own regulation unit, a high and low pressure channel can occur in the same instrument. Factor into this that there are two interchangeable transducers on each channel and two ranges on each transducer and you have up to 8 ranges provided on just one unit thus allowing the user to calibrate a wide range of pressure devices. Each range is accurate to ± 0.01%FS and full temperature compensation keeps this controller operating at its best while user programmable sequences ease use even further.

The innovation does not stop here; transducer modules can be quickly and easily removed for calibration or service. Calibration configuration data is stored on each module, which provides the capability of interchanging one transducer with another of the same, or different ranges. Therefore spare modules can be interchanged with current modules virtually eliminating precious down time during calibration cycles.

The APC 600 boasts a colour touch screen providing an intuitive user interface that greatly reduces the operator learning curve. This makes it an incredibly easy tool to master and put to work in a production or lab environment. This user interface can also be configured into 17 different languages.

New to the product is the Virtual Delta Channel option which enables rapid calibration of differential pressure ranges at elevated static pressures. With high accuracy on measurement and up to 10ppm stability on pressure control, this product makes light work of an otherwise arduous task.

An ingenious software system controls all of the functions of the APC600. It consists of a single board computer, disk module, power supply and communication ports. Remote communications can be achieved via IEEE-488, RS 232 or True PC Ethernet allowing global access to your readings. The software, stored on the disk module, can be easily updated by simple replacement so service and maintenance is kept to a minimum and your system can constantly evolve alongside the ever changing advances of today’s technological environment.

All of this incredible spec and a warm up time of less than 15 minutes! The APC600 really is setting the standards of tomorrow, today. For more information please visit our website at or contact our sales team on 01264 339030.

For more information, please contact :-

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March 2007

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