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New Range of CPP Test Pumps from WIKA.

With its new family of test pumps Wika has further expanded its already comprehensive range of test and calibration equipment. Available in the UK through Calibration Dynamics, this broad range of pressure comparators are guaranteed to be able to offer you the solution you are looking for.

Pressure comparators are used for creating pressure for the testing, adjusting and calibrating of mechanical and electrical pressure devices by means of comparison and are suitable for use on site, in laboratories or in workshops.

They make pressure generation and assimilation simple. Pressure is produced via a hand spindle that runs within the pump body. Once this pump is actuated then pressure is created within the circuit which in turn acts on both the master device and the device under test. The pressure is determined by the master gauge and the reading is then compared to that of the gauge under test. Using this comparison you can then calibrate and adjust your test gauge accordingly.

The WIKA comparators are particularly notable for the smooth running of their hand spindle, even at high pressures. The handle is removable and the comparators also feature unique rotating connectors meaning that instruments under test can be freely positioned. The benefit of the internal spindle is that the dimensions of the device do not change during use, and more importantly that there is no adverse bending moment acting on a protruding spindle.

The CPP1000-M benefits from being compact, making it extremely portable and it is also a low cost option. The ‘X’ derivatives feature an integrated initial pressure pump for easy precompressing of large test volumes. They are extremely practical, offering high stability due to their basement design. They also incorporate the proven technology of the CPB5000 pressure balance from Mensor.

This collection from WIKA cover an expansive pressure range of 0 – 7000bar between them and are available in various pump versions. We at Calibration Dynamics therefore remain positive that we have the pressure comparator for your application. To view the full range, discuss your needs or for more information please contact our sales team on 01264 339030 or via You can also visit us at to find out more or to view more of what we have to offer.

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June 2007

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