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The GLE/SmartZOC-100

Test and measurement specialists Calibration Dynamics are pleased to be able to offer onto the market the SmartZOC-100.

The GLE/SmartZOC-100 is a miniaturised Ethernet based data acquisition unit specifically designed to be interfaced with Scanivalve’s ZOC electronic pressure scanner. It can be directly connected to one, 16, 32 or 64 channel ZOC pressure scanners and offers many benefits including a regulated and isolated voltage supply, the ability to control the scanning sequence and the conditioning for the analog pressure transducers and for the ZOC’s internal temperature sensor. It also handles the 16 bit A/D conversion of the input signals. This data is then made available to the Ethernet bus or to the auxillary RS232 interface output and thanks to the continual monitoring of the ZOC’s internal temperature, it is possible to perform a very accurate on-line correction of the pressure transducers temperature drift. As well as this the SmartZOC also offers Zero and Gain calibration capabilities.

It works in conjunction with ZOC-ScanSW software which is a very user friendly software package. It allows the user to set-up the hardware configuration and the acquisition parameters, the graphical and numerical on-line data display and the data storage functions according to different files format. It also allows for the definition of the number of active channels, the communication interface parameters and the preferred data output interface (Ethernet or RS232). The output data is available in ASCII or binary format and also includes on-line temperature corrections, linearisation and Engineering Unit conversion.

Thanks to its robust construction the GLE SmartZOC-100 is particularly suitable in all applications where space is at a premium, ruggedness and wide temperature range are necessary and especially where high performances in terms of reliability, accuracy and measurement speed are mandatory requirements. It offers scan rates of up to 2000 channels/samples and has a system accuracy of 0.08% or better. With such a wide temperature range and low power consumption it is easy to see why it has so many applications across the board including flight testing, wind tunnels, pressure measurement, turbine engine testing, automotive, aerospace, railway, research and development and manifold turbulence.

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June 2007

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