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CPB5000 Pressure Balance

Pressure Balances have been used in calibration laboratories of industry, national institutes and research laboratories for many years but few offer the versatility and scope of the CPB5000. Since launching into the market in 2002 this pressure balance has proved itself to be one of the most flexible and adaptable instruments available today. Not only does this product offer huge capability in terms of measurement performance on a price point basis but also in terms of accuracy and user ability. Due to its patented concept for a customised Piston Cylinder Assembly it enables the user to set up a compact system at a favourable price and not only can it be used as a reference instrument for testing and calibrating instruments in controlled environments such as factories and laboratories, but due to its fully integrated pressure generation and purely mechanical measuring principles it is also suited to on-site testing too.

This revolutionary collection of dead weight testers does not only cover a huge pressure range (up to 100bar pneumatic, 4000bar hydraulic) but does it with an incredible accuracy of up to 0.008% rdg on request. They are available with a variety of measuring media and each balance can be virtually tailor made to suit your specific needs and certified with a calibration certificate. Accuracy of a pressure balance is not just defined by its specified value; it also depends on the quality of the materials that make it and by the workmanship of its system. The CPB5000 series balances incorporate a piston and cylinder made of tungsten carbide which is renowned for its small temperature coefficient and it is this combined with excellent craftsmanship and several refinement processes that ensure a superior quality finish offering prolonged and superior spin and float times.

Another of the CPB’s huge advantages over many of the other commercially available products is that due to a unique and patented system, measuring ranges can be changed quickly and easily without the use of tools. The piston cylinder can literally be changed with a twist of the wrist for one of a different effective area and using the same mass set give the user massive flexibility. All masses come housed in robust, attractive wooden boxes and, protected in this way, there is no danger of scratching or damaging their integrity. Thus it is not just your dead weight tester that will last for years to come.

In conjunction with the CPB5000 the CPU5000 Calibration Interface is available – an intelligent calibration unit. No longer is there the necessity for complicated mathematical calculations – this device does them for you!! All critical ambient parameters are registered and automatically corrected in real time and this powerful device will also tell you exactly what masses are needed and has the ability to fit in to any existing system. This presents the ability for true pressure to be calculated, generated and displayed in real-time, with transfer to PC available.

It is the combination of these two devices that offers the user extreme flexibility, ease of use and reliable and accurate calibrations, and all at a highly attractive performance to price ratio. For more information on our vast range of dead weight testers and how we can make them work for you please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales team on 01264 339030 or via Our sales engineers would be happy to offer you a free, no-obligation on-site trial or you can visit us at

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July 2007

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