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The 2500 Digital Pressure Gauge

Are you looking for a digital pressure gauge that marries the very latest in technological advances with ease of use and an impressive price/ performance ratio? Then the newest release from Mensor could be the answer for you! Whether for avionic measurements, barometric applications or straight pressure measurement this instrument is highly adaptable, easy to use and comes available in single or dual range doubling the capacity in one instrument.

A never seen before colour touch screen displays data in a clear and concise manner whilst an easy to follow and self explanatory user interface makes working with the 2500 fast and simple.

It offers you incredible flexibility thanks to its;

Communications via Ethernet, RS 232 (or IEEE-488 as optional) allowing you remote operation from virtually anywhere in the world
High accuracy – 0.01% full scale
Ergonomically designed enclosure that allows for bench top or wall mounting
Maximum pneumatic pressure range of -1-700 bar minimum range of 0-25 mbar
Maximum hydraulic pressure measurement from 0 – 700 bar
Ability to be tailor-made to suit your specific application.

This instrument defines Mensor’s dedication to designing and manufacturing the finest calibrators, indicators and controllers that incorporate the latest technological advances to provide the best value for customers. Team this with Calibration Dynamics commitment to after sales service and unbeatable customer care and you see that you could have just found your solution.

Call us today on 01264 339030 to talk to one of our trained engineers and book a no-obligation demonstration to see what this device can do for you or alternatively reach us via our website at

For more information, please contact :-

Calibration Dynamics Ltd.
7 Regents Court, South Way, Walworth Industrial Estate,
Andover Hampshire SP10 5NX United Kingdom
Phone: +44(0) 1264 339 030
Fax: +44(0) 1264 339 040

July 2007

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