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Are you looking for an Automated Pressure Calibrator that has been designed to expand your productivity? That has been designed to be easy to use and integrate into a system? That is state of the art and yet has virtually no down time? Then take a look at all that the APC 600 from Mensor has to offer.

Two channels can be placed in one unit allowing two totally separate calibrations to be performed simultaneously and as each channel has its own regulation unit, a high and low pressure channel can occur in the same instrument. With two transducers on each channel and two ranges on each transducer you get eight channels on one unit giving you the capacity to calibrate a wide range of pressure devices.

Transducer modules can be quickly and easily removed for calibration and service and as calibration configuration data is stored on each module you can simply interchange one for another virtually eliminating down time.

Mensor’s Colour Touch Screen gives the 600 series a very intuitive interface minimising operator learning time meaning that it can be quickly put to good use.
Ingenious Software System with a single board computer, disk module, power supply and communications port all of which can be easily updated by simple replacement meaning that your device can constantly evolve alongside the ever changing advances of this dynamic market.

Remote Communications via IEEE-488, RS 232 or Ethernet allowing global access to your results.

Capability to reach and stabilise set points quickly which is especially important in high speed production environments Virtual Delta Channel which offers rapid calibration of differential pressure ranges. The relationship between the channels is purely mathematical but with high accuracy and up to 10ppm stability on pressure control this device makes light work of an otherwise arduous task.

In today’s increasingly demanding markets where performance rates and turnaround times are being pushed ever tighter and faster it is reassuring to know that you can invest in a product that will outperform, out price and outlast any other device currently available.
This instrument is not only one of the best today, with its ingenious software it will continue to adapt and set pace with the market for years to come. Let us show you how the 600 Series can transform your workplace by booking a no-obligation on-site demonstration today!! Call us now on 01264 339030, email us at or visit us at to see what else we can do to help you.

For more information, please contact :-

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August 2007

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