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High-Precision Process Calibrator combines Measurement and Simulation.

The new CED7000 process calibrator from Wika Calibration Line offers a high-precision solution for electrical measurement applications. It works with an accuracy of 0.003% of reading, with both measuring and simulation functions united in just one instrument.

Due to its capabilities the CED7000 is particularly suitable for test operations in temperature measurement applications. In addition to current and voltage outputs, it includes connections for the simulation and measurement of 13 different thermocouples and nine different resistance thermometers. As well as these, a connection for external pressure sensors is included. Its fully-isolated measuring channel enables, in addition to voltage and current measurement, a 24V supply voltage for the complete calibration of transmitters. Furthermore, a 250 ? HART resistance can be activated.

Among the many outstanding performance features of the new calibrator are its beryllium-copper connectors, the ability to pre-define up to nine set points and the accommodation of resistance thermometers with customer-specific parameters. Control of this high-precision instrument is user-friendly: either via direct input or through a PC (using RS-232, IEEE-488 or a USB interface). ______________________________________________________________________

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January 2009

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