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CPC3000 High Speed Pressure Controller has Control Speed under 3 Seconds.

The portfolio of pressure controllers in WIKA’s Calibration Line has been completed by a model which is compact, controls extremely quickly and is also reasonably priced. With the CPC3000, a reference instrument is now available to measuring instrument manufacturers and calibration facilities which noticeably reduces cycle and job times.

The heart of the pneumatic controller is a unique control system, for which a patent has been applied for. It achieves the set value in less than three seconds – with an accuracy of 0.025 % and a control stability of 0.004 %. Measuring ranges from 0 to 350 mbar up to 0 to 70 bar are available.

Through its colour touch-screen, user-friendly menu system and individually selectable input options – also via a programmable Step-key block or Jog-keys –the CPC3000 offers maximum ease of use. Established serial interfaces, such as IEEE 488, Ethernet and USB, enable connection to existing computer systems using the latest standards. In this way, even complex calibration sequences can be automated and completed in the shortest possible time.

Operators of the new pressure controller can use the EasyCal professional calibration software or develop their own test programs with the help of, for example, LabVIEW.

The WIKA CPC3000 is a joint development between the pressure specialists in Klingenberg/Main and Mensor, a US company owned by the WIKA group since 2006. The already comprehensive portfolio, in which WIKA Calibration Line pressure controllers are marketed under the Mensor label, is rounded off perfectly through this new, especially cost-effective model.


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February 2009

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