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Cambridge CMOS sensors wins NMI Innovation award

Cambridge CMOS Sensors (CCS), an industry leader in advanced sensor solutions, has been awarded the NMI 2014 Innovation award for the CCS800 product family of ultra-low power miniature gas sensors. more info >>

The CCS800 product family boast the smallest chemical gas sensors in the world, and can be used for detecting Ethanol (Alcohol) and hazardous gases such as Carbon Monoxide (CO) and a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring.

The unique CMOS based Micro-hotplate technology provides a silicon platform for the CCS800 product family of gas sensors, and offers:

Outstanding Miniaturisation - 0.99mm x 2.0mm x 3.0mm DFN package as standard

Ultra-lower power - >95% reduction in power consumption vs traditional metal oxide gas sensors

Cross Sensitivity and Stabilisation - by enabling very fast cycle times, advanced temperature modulation techniques can be used to ensure maximum sensitivity and stability to a target gas, and minimise measurement times.

Scalability - Standard CMOS process for high-volume and cost effective production

This enables the use of our gas sensors in application areas that have not been physically possible before now, such as smartphones, wearables and IoT devices.

Nat Edington, CEO at Cambridge CMOS Sensors said, "Sensors are the fastest growing area of innovation in Smartphones, Wearables and IoT devices. We are delighted to receive the NMI 2014 Innovation award for the CCS800 product family which are the world's smallest and lowest power metal oxide gas sensors. This award is recognition for the magnificent performance of the development teams within CCS, and we look forward to driving exciting new markets for gas sensing with our sensor solutions."

December 2014

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