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Cambridge Sensotec introduce the Dynascan LeakVIEW MO16M

Introducing the LeakVIEW M016M, the brand new packaging leak detection system manufactured exclusively within the UK by Dynascan. With this unit you will be able to test a variety of both rigid and flexible packaging for possible leakages.

Suitable for food, pharmaceutical, industrial and indeed any other type of packaging, the LeakVIEW MO16M will ensure the quality and reliability of your packaging.

Testing can be carried out in both dry and water submerged environments. An absorbent layer can be placed on the bottom of the empty chamber in order to emphasise any liquid leakages of products. Water testing requires the packaging to be immersed within the water filled chamber. The compressed air within the top of the chamber will then cause the packaging to inflate, highlighting any leaks with a stream of bubbles. Both methods will draw attention to even the smallest of leaks.

The design feature of a rigid stainless steel frame provides stability and is ideal for placing on a table, whilst the heavy duty Perspex ensures resistance and offers excellent clarity of viewing from every angle. Being non electrical, the LeakVIEW MO16M is completely safe to use in the presence of water.

A key feature of the system is how easy it is to use. The user interface and multifunctional lever promote ease of use and limit the possibility of human error. Beneficial features include the short testing time, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Also introducing;
* Hypertech SF6 ppb Laser Gas Test - A portable and self-contained diagnostic instrument for gas-insulated switchgear, enabling the accurate determination of gas leakage location and defect development level. The system can be used both indoors and outdoors, in cable channels and also in hard-to-reach places. A built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation. The unit has a range of 10ppb to 1000ppm.

* Industrial Scientific Tango TX1 - The first ever single gas monitor to use two sensors to detect the same gas. Safety levels are 85 times that of a normal single gas monitor thanks to the Tango TX1's patent pending Dualsense Technology. Electrochemical sensor technology allows for monitoring of the following gases: CO, H2S, NO2 or SO2

* Michell H2O Sensors - Cambridge Sensotec are now installing new and faster responding H2O sensors in all of our Rapidox SF6 analysers. Manufactured by Michell, the latest high precision H2O sensors can measure from -60°C in approx. 3 minutes, and -35°C in less than a minute (full range -60°C to +20°C)

Cambridge Sensotec Limited is an ISO9001 accredited Company based in the UK. Cambridge Sensotec manufactures the Rapidox range of oxygen gas analysers for industry and academic institutions, with customers worldwide. Cambridge Sensotec comprises a team of technologists with over twenty years experience in the field of oxygen sensors and electronics.

Cambridge Sensotec Rapidox oxygen gas analysers benefit from their ease of use, electrochemical or zirconia O2 sensors, high sensitivity (low oxygen levels), rugged design and long life expectancy. Cambridge Sensotec also manufacture a range of dual and triple gas analysers including a specialist SF6 gas analyser for the power industry.

Cambridge Sensotec are also UK distributors for many fixed and portable gas detectors including BW technologies, Industrial Scientific, Oldham, WITT and Viamed.

For more information, please contact :-

Cambridge Sensotec Ltd.
Tel: +44(0)1480 462142
Fax:+44(0)1480 466032

August 2013

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